If you are an Australian homeowner, you are aware of the signs. You wake up early in the morning to ready to go to work, just to find that a section of your floor is covered by a pool of dirty water. You have visitors who have come to your home to help you celebrate an event, or to discuss business over coffee but they can’t stand the odour coming from your bathroom. Unpleasant and undesirable odors that are capable of giving you a long-lasting nausea. These are all signs of a clogged drain.

Whenever you notice such a problem, it is normal for you to seek solutions to it before it escalates into a crisis. The first thing you do is to look for a professional plumber to help you solve the puzzle. Most plumbers in Australia are not honest regardless of how professional they are. Factually, they are in business and they need to make profit. When you call them to clear unclogged drains, some will employ methods that will help them spend ample time in your compound, thus charging you accordingly. Luckily, you can say no to this uncouth behaviour by using the following DIY methods;

Boil water and pour it down the drain

Clearing blocked drains has never been this easy. Simply take a jug of water and place it one a fire stove and make sure it vigorously boils. After you are convinced that it is hot enough to peel off a hippopotamus skin, pour it down the clogged drain and wait for the miracle to happen. The hot water will melt the clog away, and there you go, you will have a clean and clear drain without having to spend a dime. Isn’t this interesting?

Use hydrogen hydroxide

Commonly referred to as Caustic Soda, this chemical can help you achieve the most desirable results. However, you should consider safety first before you proceed. This substance can cause fatal chemical burns, thus you should have a protective gear on.

This chemical is readily available in many hardware stores around America. Buy some, mix it with cold water and stir until it begins to fizz and heat up. Pour it in your drain, leave it for about half an hour and then flush the drain with hot water. The drain will be cleared before you know it.

Have the drain snake

Have you ever heard or seen this snake species on National Geographic? Probably not, because it is not a live snake. It is a low-tech equipment that you should have, which gets its name thanks to its longevity and flexibility that mimics that of a live snake. It has a spiral metal at the tip that will help you unclog your drain once you insert it.

Bent your wire hanger

A coat hanger is one equipment that is simple, but can do a lot of wonders in your home. Once your drain is clogged, take the hanger and straighten its shoulders, but leave the hook. Insert it in the drain pipe until you feel a barrier, push it in and out a few times, and there you go! A clear drain is all you will have.